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Get a real offer in minutes

At Go Auto Kelowna, we provide a prompt and fair offer on your vehicle. When you choose to trade or sell your vehicle with us, you can expect prices that are not just market-competitive, but often above market value!

Our process

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1. Get an appraisal

To get started from the comfort of your home, you'll need your mobile device and your vehicle information. When you click "get estimate", we'll prompt you for details about your vehicle, such as its year, make, model, trim, and current mileage.

Based on these details, we may ask a few additional questions about your vehicle's style or any extra features.

You'll then receive your instant offer, valid for several days, giving you time to weigh your options.

When you're ready to proceed, you can either visit our dealership for a final vehicle inspection or use our DIY Inspection tool at home.

2. Complete an Inspection

The DIY Inspection link will appear right below your instant offer. Here's what you'll need:

  • Ensure you're using your mobile device!
  • Have pictures of your vehicle ready.
  • Your vehicle’s VIN.

Our inspection tool will guide you through a process to upload more details about your vehicle.

Completing this self-inspection will guarantee a firm offer, expedite the process, and ensure we can issue a cheque for you within 24 hours!

Of course, if you prefer, you can still schedule an appointment for our team to carry out the inspection.

3. Sell Go Auto Kelowna your car

Once you're prepared to trade or sell your vehicle, bring it in so we can conduct an inspection, provide a firm offer, and assist you with the rest of the process.

How we assign value

Our Go Auto Kelowna appraisal specialists assign value to your vehicle based on a thorough examination of its key aspects and current market conditions.

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We'll inspect your vehicle for:
  • Year and kilometres of your vehicle
  • Exterior and interior condition
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Maintenance history (make sure to bring records of non-Go Auto maintenance)
  • Mechanical issues (determined by a test drive)
We’ll check the market:
  • Any recalls or service bulletins for your year/make/model
  • Current market conditions (sales trends and auction data)
  • Go Auto’s inventory requirements

Why trade in with
Go Auto Kelowna

Why would Go Auto Kelowna offer more for your vehicle? The answer is simple - we want your car! We're confident we can find a buyer for your vehicle and are willing to pay top-dollar for it.

Whether you're looking to trade in your vehicle or just sell it for cash, our team is here to expedite the process and get you paid faster. Our vehicle appraisal tool is free to use and provides an instant offer. With a few more steps, either at home or at the dealership, we can present a firm offer and have a cheque ready for you within 24 hours.

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Trading in Your Vehicle

If you're considering trading in your vehicle, we have an extensive selection to choose from. Our experts will assist you in finding your next vehicle and guide you through all your financing options.

Based on the appraisal value of your vehicle, any existing loan, and the price of your next vehicle, we'll walk you through each step and explain your new payment structure.

Fast, free car appraisal

Here are a few steps you can take to expedite the process:

  • Determine your remaining car loan amount.
  • Use our appraisal tool to find out the value of your vehicle.
  • Prepare a firm offer using our DIY Inspection tool.
  • Begin shopping for your next vehicle at Go Auto Kelowna!