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Taking exceptional care of your vehicle is of utmost importance for both your safety and your vehicle's longevity. Our team at Go Auto Kelowna is dedicated to help keep your journey on the road smooth and enjoyable.

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Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Consistent maintenance intervals are key to maintain your vehicle's optimal performance and to avert expensive repairs in the future. Depending on your vehicle's year, make, and model, these intervals can vary. If possible, refer to your owner’s manual for the specific maintenance schedule of your vehicle. If not, our team at Go Auto Kelowna is always ready to guide you with the right routine maintenance schedule.

Vehicle maintenance checklist

Each maintenance appointment at Go Auto Kelowna includes a comprehensive vehicle maintenance checklist, which consists of:

  • Engine oil change and filter replacement
  • Inspection and adjustment of all vehicle fluids, including coolant and transmission fluid
  • Assessment and adjustment of tire pressure, examination of overall tire condition
  • Evaluation of brake pad condition
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At Go Auto Kelowna, we take pride in our state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with everything necessary to restore your vehicle to its prime condition. Be it routine oil changes or complex engine issues, our team of seasoned technicians are adept in handling all makes and models.

Maintenance Intervals

As a general guideline, you should consider vehicle maintenance at least every six months or every 5,000 - 8,000 km. However, if you drive frequently or in harsh conditions, you may need to bring your vehicle in much sooner. While many components in your vehicle may only need to be checked once a year, others require more frequent checks. Your driving habits can significantly affect this schedule.

For major vehicle maintenance usually performed annually, the kilometer interval will also vary based on your vehicle's year, make, and model, but typically ranges between 20,000 to 30,000 km. These service appointments will include a thorough inspection of various vehicle components, potential replacement of certain parts, tire rotation, and more.

Our aspiration is to ensure your safe and smooth travels for as long as possible. Contact our team to discuss your vehicle's maintenance needs with one of our Service Advisors.


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Curious about the vehicle maintenance elements you can check at home? Here are 4 things you can assess on your own:

Engine oil

While undertaking an oil change may seem intimidating, you can easily perform an oil inspection at home to determine if it's time to schedule an oil change appointment:

  • Extract the dipstick, clean it to remove any residual oil, then reinsert it.
  • Pull out the dipstick once more, hold it level, and observe the minimum/maximum indicators.
  • Examine the oil's color. If it's amber or dark brown, your oil is likely still functional. However, if it's black or contains grit, you should schedule an oil change.
  • If the oil is clean but falls below the minimum mark, it's time to top up your oil—a task you can comfortably do at home without scheduling an appointment!

It's best to check your oil when it's warm, typically after a short drive. Remember, it's crucial to use the correct type of oil for your vehicle. If you have previously serviced your vehicle at Go Auto Kelowna, your service invoice will specify the type of oil used.


Monitoring your tire pressure is a task you can easily tackle in various ways. A simple visual inspection can yield insights into whether any of your tires are deflated or damaged. Depending on your vehicle's features, you may also have a tire pressure indicator on your dashboard, offering a handy reference. If you own an air tire gauge, a swift manual check can ensure that all four tires are at the optimum pressure.

Moreover, it's essential to inspect the tread of your tires to ascertain they aren't overly worn. A straightforward method involves using a toonie: insert it between your tire's tread blocks. If the tread reaches the bear's paws, your tires are in good condition. However, if the tread only reaches the 'CANADA' or 'DOLLARS' lettering, your tires are worn and should be replaced for your safety.

Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades indeed endure considerable usage, especially during the spring season in Kelowna, sometimes referred to as our 'second winter.' If you observe water streaks after operating your wiper blades, it may be an indication that it's time for a replacement. An initial step could be to clean the rubber blades with a cloth to eliminate any residue, which may improve their performance.

Keep in mind, wiper blades come in diverse lengths and sizes, so it's crucial to verify which type your vehicle can accommodate before attempting a replacement. If the metal arm of the wiper is still in prime condition, you might consider simply replacing the rubber component.

Air & Cabin Filters

Switching out these filters is vital to safeguard both your vehicle's engine and the cabin's air quality, but how can you discern when it's time for a change? Your senses of sight and smell are key! If you notice a persistent musty aroma when the heater or air conditioning is operational, it's a powerful sign that your cabin filter needs a replacement.

As for the engine air filter, if you can locate it, lift it towards a light source. If no light penetrates through it, it's due for a swap. These steps help ensure a pleasant and healthy driving environment, and contribute to the optimal performance of your vehicle in the stunning Kelowna landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the service history of a vehicle?

The easiest way to check the service history for a vehicle is by reviewing its CARFAX report. Although this doesn’t fully guarantee that all previous services will be listed, it will give you a good indication as to how the vehicle has been maintained. Only maintenance that has been reported to CARFAX will display on this report.

At Go Auto, all of our dealerships will provide with you a CARFAX report when buying a used vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase privately, you can either request that the seller orders the report, or you can order one yourself through the CARFAX website. All you will need is the vehicle’s VIN and your credit card.

You can also ask to see any service reports that have been saved by the owner to review. This won’t give you as much information as a CARFAX report, but it may fill in some of the gaps if not all maintenance was reported.

What car service is really necessary?

Proper car maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle running properly and you safe on the road.

Factory-recommended maintenance and service intervals will vary based on the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Regular car maintenance will include oil and filter changes, fluid inspection and top-ups, cabin and engine filter replacement, tire rotation, and brake inspection. Depending on the age of your vehicle, there may still be warranty and proper upkeep with the maintenance schedule will be very important to ensure you don’t preemptively void your warranty.

Are there any additional services or repairs recommended for my car?

While our service technicians are working on your vehicle, they will inspect other areas and will highlight anything requiring preventative maintenance. There is no set recommendation list for additional services or repairs as every vehicle is different. Our technicians take the time to properly inspect your vehicle and will only give you recommendations as needed.

Keeping on top of regular maintenance and paying attention to preventative maintenance recommendations are important to keeping your vehicle running longer, avoiding major repairs down the road, and keeping you safe.